Scions of Lyn

Touched Synopsis


Gods are very active in the lives and events on the world of Intredea, and this leads to wars, resentment, and insanity among the mortal population. The three gods with the most influence on this story are Alaequa, Intredea, and the Corrupter.

Alaequa is the mischievous goddess of fate and luck. She is a benevolent trickster, and her worshipers are mostly thieves and gamblers.

Intredea is the goddess of nature and earth, which is why she gives her name to the land. She has considerable powers over life and death, and was made an outcast for creating the faery, a race of magically endowed humans who are closely connected to their goddess.

The Corrupter is the youngest and most vile of the gods. His true name is hidden from mortals to lessen his power. He changes and redirects the powers of other gods.


The two main characters have been touched by different gods. The goddess Alaequa has taken a special interest in Milana's family, but Milana doesn't consider herself lucky at all. Milana hears voices, and she isn't always certain whether it's the goddess, or her own internal dialog.

Fadraella is a faery who willingly dedicates her life to Intredea. Fadraella's mind is fractured into three distinct personalities; Fade the assassin, Ariel the politician, and Reea the slave. Fadraella revels in the power Intredea gives her, and thinks nothing of the personal costs. The will of Intredea is her own.


The overriding theme of the story is a question: How do we deal with the powerful and uncontrollable forces which effect our lives?


There's a general tone of determination, and of joy in success. Events happen quickly, and there's always another job to do, but we shouldn't let that stop or slow down our progress.


Milana struggles against the influence that the goddess Alaequa has over her life, and braves fighting in the street to confront Her. She discovers that, despite how it might seem, she has more control over her own destiny than most, and even has some influence over the destinies of everyone around her.

Fade is hunting slavers who have been kidnapping faeries. She rescues a group of them, and runs into Kaal, an undead sorcerer she had assassinated only a few months earlier. Kaal is not a nice creature, but he is an enemy of the slavers, and Fade believes her goddess is at least partially responsible for his status.

Both women discover that an evil, unnameable god is trying to gain influence within the city. Milana acquires a magic sword (which adds to the voices in her head) and then allies with a couple of temples leaders to cleanse the corruption of the unnamed god. Fadraella, discovering that the same unnamed god is using the faery for his own nefarious purposes, leaves the city to continue her hunt, and to free more of her people.

Milana goes on a tour to help cleanse temples in cities and villages all over the land of Intredea. She learns more about the gods, and the people who are touched by them. She ends her tour in a small village dedicated to Alaequa, where she discovers why Alaequa and her temples seem to be immune to the Corrupter's influence.

Fadraella travels by sea to an island of naery, a group of enslaved sea faery. She discovers a generations long conspiracy to enslave the people of Intredea, her people, and how the Corrupter is using the power He gains from them. In the process she unleashes the powerful and often terrifying forces of Intredea which many of the fae are able to command.

Milana and Fadraella meet back in the city of Lyn, and share their stories with the city leaders in the hopes of arming the population against the Corrupter's influence. In the end, Milana becomes more accepting of her position as Alaequa's Handmaiden, while Fadraella begins to question how the powers of Intredea effect the fae.

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